Friday, February 20, 2009

And the Lord Witnessed Such Blasphemy as Gushed in Torrents From My Unhinged Jaw, And the Lord Was Satiated!

Before eyes could open,

ears take wave
nose taste or tongue smell,
there was the Serpent
sliding around the mound
of simply feeling Flesh.

A sculpting Snake
whose sexy slithering in clay
popped open a ripe apple
from thin air. It's tang
bedeviled the skin, teasing
from its squirming folds,
a Nose.

Then the Snake uncoiled,
warping into space in zig-zags,
but the Flesh followed with its
Nose first, that serpentine pungency.
Only in a distant galaxy, in millennia,
did the flesh come to sense warping
sensations -- sound forms -- and grow Ears.

Fear from the ears inflicted the flesh.
This smell, this sound -- all over!
It had followed with its Nose, yet now
the Serpent seemed to be everywhere.
There was a hiss, then a sharp fume
that compelled the Nose to it. The Flesh
stumbled on perhaps, a tail, into the poison
where it burned and grew a Tongue.

Taste of a creature spanning all space,
over all time ... but why? Organs wanted
to know -- they questioned endlessly as children,
yearning from the Serpent. Bothering it while
lapping at its pores for sustenance, for completion
until, one day, after vagaries of time unthinkable

the Serpent's head descended and struck the Flesh with its fangs,
sinking deep into it, two gouges frothing, bubbling,
wherein, at last, grew from the Flesh, Eyes.

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