Sunday, September 7, 2014

We Can Have Both Play Time & Real Time

Real Time gets a little scary sometimes, so I usually nose around play time. That's where you'll usually find me.

The ONE TIME I don't--when I am trying to be serious--that's when things suddenly become inane, black and white. Monochromatic.

But that is only *ONE* time. There's no two ways about it.

People are beginning to wonder, and I love that. I love leaving them wondering. It is an old dark art that I learned about back in the olden days. Just for context, let's say it was before Apes. Larval-level discussions here.

Issues tend to arise here and there. I will often hear about an alien uprising in a distant galaxy. As most normal men do, I give off an illusion at this point. That I really do care about these esoteric goings-on.


Then I begin to believe in my own illusions. That's how not Real Time it gets. It is extremely play time. And I am not ashamed that I do this.

I have no speck of shame. #TellALie (Of course I have huge amounts, piles, even, of shame. But I can't walk around broadcasting that I have not seen enough science. That I haven't got my high about nature. About living, and this amazing spectacles (hahaha) that is Life).

It's all about playing, in the end. I know some people have to worry about what is going on Real Time, but I'm not one of them.

From the people what wrote: (Because the #Snapple back to reality will always be taut. #bungie)

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