Saturday, September 6, 2014

Name's Saleema. Don't Call Me The EZ Pass.

My name is Saleema," she said. "You may call me Saleema. Don't call me aunty."

[these are secret notes about the future of the story]
* PP: Masood gets called into the Center. Unsure of why, he eventually meets Saleema, one of the principals of the Institute, who asks him what he is doing just hanging around, whether he's just there to simply observe their members, or whether he's there to help.

Masood is a little startled, as he's never seen himself as a care giver. "Look, the reason I became a software developer is because I'm an extremely lazy person!"

Masood also wonders why they asked him to speak to Saleema, postulating aloud that they specifically chose another Indian to try and persuade him to join up through some expectation of racial fealty.

At this, Saleema cries "Why do you have to be so paranoid, bah!" while shaking her hand in front of his face in a way that makes Masood shrink back a moment, because it reminds him of his mother's scoldings.

[this is the end of the secret notes]

.Episode Two

"This whole thing basically revolves around one concept," said Masood as they went through the tunnel together and he found that she had to pick herself up.

"What kind of concept are you talking about?" said Saleema. "I am simply picking myself up, since I would not want to be crawling. Remember. You are now INSIDE the Institute!"

He pretended that she did not remember, and approached her from a new circling pattern. "I am slowly circling in," he even reported to the Towers.

There was a ceremonious laughter all over the room as he carefully tried to land. "Don't worry," said a new voice. "I was a girl playing videogames one time too!"

He turned back and saw that it wasn't just him. It was her too! "Somehow this makes be a better writer!" he laughed, and then he leapt.

In the opening of the scene we see how the troubled man was sent away from the Kindness And Care Institute, having not been in the correct place. We will explore together why it may be that such conditions may occur and whether or they PASS.

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