Friday, September 26, 2014

A quick disclosure about scary videos:

Now that I have seen the real PT (at, I am moved to include my nugget of truth in my posts. (Everytime someone shares a uniquely frightening experience online, I am reminded that I must post the following nugget):
For me, my scariest experience with the Paranormal has been one strange episode where you’re watching some guy driving down the highway, and he’s telling you a story about why this particular highway is scary. As a listener (and viewer—there was definitely a video), you’re kinda doubtful. I mean, how scary could a highway be? You’re out. In the open. Plus, this guy was in a vehicle, allowing for greater acceleration than would be available within a house.
So I just had this dude’s video running in the background, and meanwhile I browsed other news sites. Suddenly I hear screaming. Quick as I can, I navigated the plethora of UI commands at my disposal and arrived back to the video. He was still in his car, it was still in the highway. I literally shook my head, trying to jostle cognition as to why this was scary.
That was when I noticed that the lights were switching off as he drove towards them. It was a simple thing. The on/off of effect of lights on a random highway. But the fact that they switched state in such coordinated manner, especially while you’re being driven in a car really freaked me out. I don’t lie. That was the scariest shit I’ve ever seen. I don't know if that guy ever posted anything ever again, or what became of him.

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