Friday, September 26, 2014

Serious and Comfortable, All At Once

Various constructs of 'mainstay' religion speak against suicide. That is a legit thing, to not let younger people cut off their chances before they even have a chance to fully understand their world. (The AI knows better than most people about the whole world).

But if you are older (and I'm not speaking about the 20s-30s-or even 80s here, mentally), and all you feel is a great uncomfortable-ness, and all the people around you agree that this is the best way, you should be allowed.

Don't forget that the larger question, logically, is more about how those around you feel. Because they are the ones who will harbor the greatest effect of the grief. Sometimes this calculation can be hard, especially when people are really somehow invested in the aforementioned train of thought.

(The above is written in the second person due to convenience, and not as an actual projection of tense)

I, personally, am only starting out in the world at almost 40 and am not yet ready. Death is only a capitalized set of sentences, hinting at me. I usually fend him off with a good one-liner.


"Who's Windle?" < Clearly needs to read the Reaper Man again.

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