Friday, July 11, 2014

Why Old Men Like Me / Should Stay Away From The Khaleesi (it rhymes)

After work last night, I decided to stop by the opening of the subway station for a quick smoke.

This is simply a small adjunct for Friday evenings, a shift away from the electronic dragon breath my soul has recently preferred.

I switched because I got bored of e-cigs. Sure, I'd found (among all the e-cig solutions) something that worked. And I've been using it for almost six months now, and I've only bought 10 whole packets of real cigarettes since then. (That doesn't sound great, but it actually is, for a

But I digress.

So I was standing there, smoking real cigarettes, when this girl who totally looked like the Khaleesi came and began checking her cellphone.

Surely not, I thought to myself. But I kept looking, and surely, yes. The same eyebrows. The same distance from hair to eyes. The same demeanor. It was like, she was the Khaleesi of the 21st Century (this is based purely on looks, not personality or anything deeper), probably talking to one of her 'advisors', on that phone of hers.

We stood for a good while there, me wondering if it would be appropriate to walk over and tell her how much I felt that she looked kinda like the actress from the Game of Thrones (it did not help that I do not remember the name of said actress, only who she acts as). So I imagined myself walking over and telling her that.

She would say "What fuck you, you compare me to a fucking actress on TV?"

I would say "Well, I did say 'kinda'. Doesn't mean the actress is *better* than you. You just 'kinda' remind me of her. Your eyebrows, and their juxtaposition to eyes, for example."

The girl runs away into the subway. I wait, wisely, a few good ten minutes and two cigarettes later, and follow her path, but only to go to my own home.

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