Saturday, July 19, 2014

Poor Little American Parents

tobi was a chinese spy sent to the united states in order to alleviate the local's misunderstandings about china, and chinese domestic affairs. 


They know that if a child (a child?) a child traipses on over unto their fertile ground, this will be the end for their own child (a child) a child. 

(What is this child-a-child?)

Child is pretty okay, and knows how to say 'barn'. That's good enough for most of uz, and we don't need no more pollution in the form of children coming in. Cos that means we would have to recalculate the whole farms we have, back around, and make sure everyone is covered.

Ha ha ha. And that, my friends. That's just not 'realistic'.

"Riiiiiight," said Tobi, a Chinese Spy sent to spy on the United States most intimate affairs. "How about we switch off these 'placards' you guys have come up with (yes, just switch off) and we simply glide to a world where a lot of you guys can't even have babies!"

"Tobi, this is an exaggerated fact, I am virile, I assure you," said a Poor Disenfranchised American Parent. "Don't you start knocking on my virility, because I will come at you like a moose!"

"Will you shoot me to shit?" asked Tobi. "In China we have billions of people that we can import. Why are you so concerned?"

"Yeah I'll shoot to fucking ribbons motherfucker," said a Poor American Parent who apparently could afford a machine gun (but was finding it tough to care for spawn), "I'll tear you!"

Tobi died.

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