Saturday, June 21, 2014

Ability For Dragons to Kick Ass

"Look, Irfan, you're not taking the Game of Thrones seriously enough."
"Why, what's happening? Is anyone dying or anything?"
"Drogon, you bastard!", she said, "You make me weep."
Drogon pulled an Immelman maneuver (something genetically coded into dragons) and then ate his own left wing (something not genetically coded into dragons).
He landed and freed his siblings, then turned to face the Mother.
"I heard that you were roasting some sweet meats lately."
Drogon raised an eyebrow, Kramer-style, at her. "You know it, young lady," he said.
She shouted at him a long, very painful shout. And she walked over, and tried to put one of the clasps upon him. "Why did you have to kill the baby girl?" asked the Khaleesi. "A human."
Already Drogon could sense how painfully pained she felt. He considered his next words very carefully, and then proceeded with them.
"I've been on a long flight," he said. "And I am a little older than the baby dragon you once knew me as." His voice was like fountains of lava.
Daenyrs looked cockily back at him. "Yet you are returned, to me, your mother."
Flames dangled from the wyrm's nostrils and he suddenly picked her up and brought her very close to his face. "You wot?" he rumbled.
"You went and ate a baby, a baby girl!" she yelled. "Last week it was a goat, and I thought, sure, ok. But now you're eating humans!"
He let out a puff, put her gently back on the floor, as polite dragons do, and then raised another eyebrow at her. "Are you calling me a cannibal?"
It made her weep even more. That this...creature considered himself part of the human society, and would be this surprised with her.
She began to shake her head. "You didn't kill shit, did you?" she smiled.
Dogon's eyebrow rose yet again, and from the eyebrow, his voice emanated: "Someone burned that poor little girl, but it was not me," he promised. "I've heard that there are places in the world that when they feel very pressured, they will go ahead and burn their baby girls."
"Are you still my baby?" asked Daenyrs, making Dogon roll his massive eyes.
"Yes, yes," he said.

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