Friday, July 25, 2014

19 minutes ago

19 minutes ago (over IM). What follows is a conversation between me, and another human. Usually I add some merry little names, but this time I'm going to try and be stark and realistic, so you will see a conversation between @me and an @other. Notice that nowhere in the conversation is anyone making a cup of tea for the other person. Come on. I think, in the future, these conversations will always begin with a cup of tea, however virtual the cup or tea is.

@me: Dirk Gently show is great.
I love the story about the random intelligence that appears in the body of the young woman.

@other: did u make sure you saw the first episode?

where the guy travels through time?

@me: holistically, yes.

@other: they took the two best British Comedians & the best Writer of all time and created a TV show.

Fuck i miss it

@me: i wasn't aware of the accolades. but fuck, it was a bally well beginning.
How many more seasons do you expect?

@other: 0

i wish i wish i wish

there was another season

it's canceled

@me: WHAT

@other: i fucking hate the british for it

i read an article saying that it was an expensive show

and although it had like 3 million viewers, they would rather play reruns of ameri an shit TV

for more hours or something ... bullshit

bascially cost to do 1 of those shows is like equal to like 4 re run samerican shows

@me: what is ameri
lol. ok

yeah, the brits like to let the shows be longer in length, and try to say there is more substance.
personally, i feel that it's so that everyone can have enough holidays.
two or three episodes are enough
may four, if the weather is alright. (an error occurs here on my part: should be 'maybe four', not 'may four')

Doctor Who tries to follow a more transatlantic model

@other: yeah, honestly if you make 4 really awesome fucking episodes i'm happy

but, u gotta give me more shows is all

@me: Yeah, I think they shouldn't just cancel like that.
It's like
"Here's a new monkey we discovered!"

@other: having to wait 2 years for Sherlock was god damn murder

@me: "Now there is no longer that monkey anymore. It may as well never have existed."
At least if we could holistically join the lives of all the actors, it would be ok. But I don't think they have done the technology for that yet.

@other: lol

u should write a dirk gently novel

@me: Like right now I would love to hang out with Danerys and cry with her about the dragons she is repressing.

@other: u would be right for it

u have the crazy mind

@me: Crazy, huh?
Anyway, enough about me. How does it feel to be pop pops?

@other: good and tired as hell

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