Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Introspection Via An Extrovert

Close examination of the self
is one of the only things
that will save you from
the Virus.

No, don't cry,
I come not bearing ill news
but excellent, fantastic details
regarding this plight who finds you so alone.

In your desperation to survive you took it
so comfortable to kill me, ending up
in some strange 'fiction'
of existence.

I am here,
I am here to remind you
I am here to help you recollect --
I am here to aid you in the reconstruction of my new self

from those bones you shattered aeons by, by just looking at me.
And I am also there, and could do three extra lines,
but you get the idea, and I've never suffered
repetition. Intonation, inflection, perhaps --

but I will not suffer repetition.

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