Tuesday, February 2, 2010

this is going to be the most beautiful poem ever

Lodge in your nose, enlarge your nose.
Oh so want be Pinnochio? You wanna be Dumbo?
You want to say to lovers that you have found their
discarded noses? You want to be William,

How nerdy does it get? Oh it gets nerdy, girlfriend.
To the point where all my lives blend, all my lives blend.
And I find it kinda funny, when the artichoke is produced
I find I find the record skips when I'm good bloke.

Watching British production about a crazy woman called Primeval
how many names can I make fun out of that?
Guess she must be the primal Eve. The evil woman?
Why are these people being given licences to flaunt their little banter?

They need to give me the licenses.

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