Thursday, July 2, 2009

You Can All Come Back Now

After doing all his ... deeds, he called back to the others. "Ok, you can come back now."

There was a silence, but one that nevertheless recounted his deeds. There were entire catalogs of articles. Bullet point #234243 subsection #3564445: 'Posed common paradox as argument, then called me a shit for declining to engage.'

He called, and he called, as a lone cub may to its pack in the wet moonlight that often lathers the darkest hills. Slowly, he began to go crazy ...

... but it was with a craziness that had a complement in the atmosphere. A single wormhole open, only visible at this level of madness. It spoke to him as himself, saying, "It is not us who must come to you, but you who must come to us." Thus he woke from his maddened dream, and the only thing deserters could say to anyone they cared for was:


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