Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lovin' General

This is a piece I wrote at this one poetry forum where there was a sub-forum called 'Love in General'. Thought it would be kinda funny to debut over there with a poem called Lovin' General. Geddit? No?

The bars are downstairs for your receptions,
if there seem those you believe love you more than I.
Go now, if you absolutely must speak to them.
Leave me here, alone, with my real devotees.

Otherwise all communication devices with the outside world must be forfeit, please.

Let us then start with a simple laugh to dispel
aforementioned, premeditated or plainly postured
unpleasantries, from the guts themselves.
Imagine we are all on vacations in gondolas.

Then, we easily slip into a tropical forest hike, just you and me, only us, alone in dense wet jungle.

Now we come across the pyramids, under curious ochre.
Do you remember us kissing, before them, in the future?
All of you was sweating from the intensity;
I had to carefully brush down the beads as I tasted.

Ok, we stop smoochin' now and it is time for spacesuit fantasy in warp speed. Are we ready Sulu?

All of this has been practiced for millenia, it seems,
and now, up to us to practise unto infinity.
Unto infinity, my Love ... oh, whoops ... it's ok, it's ok,
you just forgot to attach my fastener there, but it's ok.

Setbacks must be expected. I'm slipping away now, from You. Just remember loving unto infinity, like we've practiced, it'll be fine.

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