Saturday, May 2, 2009

Love, the Finale

A challenge was issued to compose a piece about Love. This is one of my entries. This is the love tag for all (my) entries.
When Frida came home, she didn't go to him at the couch, as she always would. She went up the stairs, and he heard her pull the ladder across the floor. She was ruining the boards, but that was no big deal. He had glue guns and shellac to fix that. Then the pulling stopped, and he heard her open the latch, to the attic.

This made him switch the play station off, and run up to see what was happening. He found the ladder, and he saw the hole in the ceiling. "Frida?" he called.

Her footsteps were up there, walking about, distinctly hers. There was a certain timbre from the wood that her movements so wonderfully captured, and these conveyed very successful, very specific, signatures. Signatures he had become old with, and grown to love. "Frida, what is happening?" he yelled, and climbed up the ladder.

It was dark, in there. The dolls from Frida's past, all his old video game cartridges. The books. Oh my god, the books. "Frida," he said, finding her in a corner. She had wrapped herself in a blanket and was looking sternly at him.

"Don't come any closer!" she rasped.

This had not happened for a long, long time. He thought back, trying to recollect. "What ... what have I done this time?"

She started to cry. He came to her, but she fought him off, jabbing away at him with her heels.

"I haven't cheated," he said. "I have never cheated." But she kept kicking him away. Sharply.

Finally he mustered his manliness, and, overcoming all her attempts, stood in front of her. She looked back at him like some frightened child. "Stay away!" she tried.

"No. You tell me what is wrong," he insisted, standing firm.

This is when she broke down. "You don't want to touch me," she cried. "I have ... I have the Virus."

The planet, Earth, crashed into Venus. But, to her horror, his first response to this was not even to flinch, but to immediately rush into her. Grab her. Collect her, into his arms. "What are you doing?" she shrieked.

He stroked her diseased hair, smiling. "It's okay. It's going to be okay. I have your Virus now too. We are together again. You are with me again."

We all have the same virus.

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