Sunday, May 24, 2009


There were a lot of details, in her life. She was worried that Mona may tell Eric what she had said. There were bills, to pay, at home in her drawers. To top that off, she had to do this -- put on her best clothes, her best 'non-existant' make-up, find out where the damn restaurant actually was located ... so many things.

"So when do we kiss?" he asked her, as she sat down.

She studied him carefully. "Not yet," she said.

He seemed to understand this, and began to study the menu. "There seems to be a lot of food over here," he remarked.

He did not look unusual, except for what he was doing. There was a head, a torso, two arms and two legs. Collectively, there were about 20 fingers and toes. He was wearing sandals (to a date?), so she could see all of them.

"You don't ever do this, do you?" she said, beginning to smile.

"I just landed my plane after a 50 hour flight," he said. "Was flying from Boston to Romania. I had set the weather conditions to 'realistic', which provided a tough challenge."

"Uh-huh." She smiled. There was nothing on the menu. This was not even a restaurant.

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