Saturday, July 9, 2016

An Anime Idea, Parts 8 & 9

Part 8

"I don't know if you're ready, yet, y'know, Kuri?" said Arata, stroking the young man's head that appeared entirely dazed upon her lap. She was wearing her favorite skirt, a floral pattern she had seen in the night markets that intimated at her about space--as in 'space, and the universe out there'.

"Whaddya mean not ready yet?" asked Kuri, some of his eyes rolling aft, others very stern.

She laughed. "You don't even know anything about sailing, or ships, right now, do you?

No, what I mean is that you seem like a man who is sometimes very rich and textured, and fruitful with his intent and direction. Other times you are like a canoe. Wish-washy."

His head sank lower into her lap.

"I think you just need a little more soda." She poured a bottle of Pepsi over his face.

Pepsi-face sat up suddenly, and moved an inch from her.

They both sat in the dimness afforded by the poor bulb, with their heads between their knees. She, orange and reddish hints surrounding her form, and he with blue soda dripping down off his face.


"I-I have always known where the pain comes from," said Kuri. "It's when someone from my family is hurting. Then I know who and what it is, and how to stop it."

She nodded. "That's what happens to me too. But lately, even though we have transitioned into the summer," she said, and a firefly sat upon her shoulder, "and everyone I care about is healthy, fit and fine, I have been undergoing these shrouds of sadness and fear."

He tested whether he could lean against her, and she allowed him to. Their heads drew close.

"You smell like soda made of coca cola," she giggled at him.

"You're like a very tangy marmalade," he ventured with his lips.

Suddenly someone drove a very futuristic looking motorcycle into Arata's apartment, and skidded right against their face.

"Save the romance for a time when you have enough alcohol!" screamed the rider. "My name is Akira, and my mother is dying you slackers!"

Part 9

"I'm sorry that you feel putting a vinyl along the side of your moped that reads 'fU turistik' makes you feel that your vehicle is very futuristic, and allowed to crash through a wall into the apartment of a citizen," said Kuri. "And that you are offending the tourism industry of Chile with it."

Arata got up and went to her fridge. She came back with a bottle of whiskey for Kuri, and one for herself too.

"Come on guys, aren't you even excited to learn about how I know you feel other peoples' pain? And that I may have a idea as to why Dr. Chesterfield knows you experience it? And how you aren't imagining everything?" said Akira.

The couple murmured between sips and kisses of whiskey. "MMmmm...mmm..tongue tongue...lemme...tongue...guess...i twist here, you twist...your...slushie lip, dripping somehow...your hair feels amazing in my blame?"

"You have let me down," said Akira, and he drove home a little less excitedly than he had entered. Somewhere in the all the noise, they heard his scooter slowly putt-putt-putt away into the city.

Eight minutes later they both dressed into their respective clothes.

The light in her apartment went out, and in the darkness he said, "It was, erm..."

"Painful?" she finished for him.

He nodded sheepishly. "I wish it would have been, you know--without the thought of Akira's mom on her deathbed. I mean. Not even just the thought of her. Her actual dying feelings. I lost my grandfather this way, too, you know?"

"I'm not interested about how your cherry popped, Kuri," said Arata.

"What I mean is, that is how I found out about my unusual condition. I was left in a coma for almost a month." The bulb flickered for a second, and her saw her face. "How did you realize who you are?"

"There's a hole in my apartment wall," said Arata in the darkness. "I guess we don't have any other option."

Kuri shook himself from his gloom. "I guess we've both found out why we're feeling all this pain. Somehow we've evolved, and my trait has gone beyond just my family."

He heard her walk, and then saw her bloom under the pale blue afforded by their city's street lights. She went dark, then bloomed again. For a second, that floral pattern of the universe appeared. Then went away. Dark. Then bloomed again.

He ran after her, until he reached her side. Then he held her hand, and they walked in the direction of Akira's home together.

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