Sunday, July 24, 2016

An Anime Idea, Part 10

As they walked into the blue darkness, where streetlights would light up everytime they came near. They had been discussing about their families, and the different sources of their powers.

"That woman over there," nodded Kurimusoda, towards a woman wearing a very short skirt and pulsing under one of these ethereal lights. "Don't you think we should try to help her?"

"I am here. You are *holding my hand*!" said Arata. "Avert your eyes!"

"I just mean that I can feel her pain," said Kuri. "Why should a prostitute not be given attention to?"


As she led him into the city center, the tarmac was turning into sand and mud, and he could feel her leading him into it. He felt that her hand was getting more wriggely. Like she may be having serious doubts hold his hand anymore. They were walking into a thick jungle, together.

"You're driving me insane," said Kuri to Arata. "I don't know how long I will be able to resist not simply holding your hand, at this entrance to the Shrine."

Arata poked him in the ribs and scolded his ankles. "Do you see the trail lines furrowed to such fine precision, for the hermit crabs?" she said to him.

The moon was pretty round tonight.

"Yes, I do," said Kuri. She was wearing such great shoes, he had to have her there, under the moon.

"This is your friend, Akira's house," said Arata, and suddenly she was riding a beast motorcycle too, and she rode it into the air.

The waves started to come into Kuri's ears, so he collapsed in the sand next to the hermit crab, and pulled out a cigarette. He had not been prepared about sea-shore ornaments manifesting themselves in a lush tropical jungle.

Anyway. Like he was ever going to drive a motorcycle that was that cool.

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