Friday, July 8, 2016

An Anime Idea (Parts 6 & 7)

Part 1 is here

Part 6

Arata had fallen asleep before Kuri could even move again. She seemed conveniently poised, her back against a thin archway leading into her kitchen area, the dim light of living room hinting at her. Kuri began to move towards her, realizing that as he moved, he was leaving behind a trail of actual cream soda that led back to his original position. This was surprising. He had not realized that he bled cream soda.

Sugary and fizzy as it seemed, he crept on, toward Arata's body.

When he reached her, he was almost dead. He laid his head on her lap and asked, "Please can you rejuvenate me, Arata? I promise I won't take this type of advantage again. I only want to discuss our collective malady." Then he died upon her lap.

Part 7

"Do you mean why we both feel inexplicable pain?"


"Why I've lost most of my friends, and why nobody believes me when I say to them, sometimes, that I cannot be there for them?"

"That is the worst!" said Kuri. "You say that to your friends?" he added, opening one eyelid.

"So you agree, there is no gender bias. It's not women who become depressive, or men who become physically weak, through this ailment?"

Kuri thought about that. "Well, typically women are accused of being weak at everything, so while I agree that there is no gender bias posited toward me, I will say that, I am a man. And what I experience is sort of a phenomena. And an unbalanced phenomena at that."

Arata was amused. "You're a phenomena, huh?"

"We may both be. I wrote this in my diary," said Kuri, before his head finally collapsed into her lap.

She took the diary from the fevered boy. It started: "Please read Part 1 of my diary, before you meet me in the battlefield. Perhaps then, we can both fathom as to the extent of our pain, and understand it together."

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