Monday, October 7, 2013

Some of my utter flailures

It's not really that late at night, 
just 1:38PM, mmm, but it is a dark sight. 

Nine were killed instantly. 
Cigarettes, by a wasteful dude 
who only smoked one or two. 

"The other se7en are just decor," 
he boasted,

and I felt, that was just a real arrogant thing to say. 

I challenged him, and got put into my place and onto my face. 

He said I can't 
be the one that I want to be 
because I lack 
the security key. 

I hope that's not just a 
video game type scenario 
to any grown up assholes

that read this,

lots of folks are 
as dumb as me 
and can't copy your QR code through telephoto.

Maybe before you begin to think about interfaces 

think a little harder about all of the faces.

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