Monday, October 14, 2013

miss taipei-ing and missin-der-detention

For how many men do beauty pageants
really 'do it', these days?
With so much more graphic porn
at their manly fingertips?

So who do these pageants serve?
What is their agenda?
Is it simply a matter of keeping
with tradition?

Sure, you could say it's a
chicken 'n egg problem.
Without the pretty models,
you can't have graphic porn,

but that is patently untrue in world where (true) amateur porn is more exciting.

Or is it more because men have things like
their football (either version)?
So obviously women should have something
as well?

"What a great treat for you, girls. Have a pageant. The *men* will cheer for *you* this time!"

Please let me know if I've gone off
the deep end
(not with my porn habits,
but with this line of questioning),

I admit I may be totally removed
from the human condition of 2013,
or you may say I'm being really
naive, then back it up with examples.

There should be a pageant for women who can kick a man's arse to bits with her thoughts and ideas.

(and no, not his literal arse, his illiteral one!)

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