Wednesday, October 16, 2013

A-Type Awareness, B-Type Awareness and the Whole Study in One Convenient Bundle

A-Type Self Awareness

This type navigates happily through trajectories in space. 

It's not interested about questions of gravity, or how long it has been since its last push. 

Its primary concern is to avoid things crashing into it at great speeds, and its secondary concern is to record any data that its sensors pick up.


B-Type Self Awareness 

This model is designed to work *inside* the dark matter, 
and keep a guided distance from the A-Type model. 

Given the unknown nature of dark matter, B-type is primarily expected to do what it can to survive, but always try to remain in a set proximity to A-type. It is unknown whether it will be able to carry out the task, but it was sent out there with the greatest intentions. 

Overall Self Awareness Program 

Since A-Type has no interest in gravity and only (for example) avoids objects coming at it at alarming speeds, it will be up to B-Type to establish a type of gravity field and 'guide' its companion through space. This is the *secondary* objective for B-type, not the primary objective. The primary objective is above (or below, depending on your display). 

Once comfortably navigating dark matter, a booklet containing instructions that was embedded in B-type's memory unit, burned till crisp and clear, will appear in its instruction set, causing B-type to interpret its space and create gravity for its companion model. 

Both models perform experiments, but A-type performs them along the exterior, while B-type does experiments about their internal conditions.

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