Saturday, July 23, 2011

Response to the Elephantine

Nasal twine sleepy like child mind merely shaky.
Harrumphs are for grandads, not you or me.

Poison everyday, deep inside my soul
injected by, I thought, simpletons
then realized -- other souls.

Combative stance was held, for an hour or two.
Then the women from the woods came
and said "This party is boring."

So then I had to go.

(for the record:)

This party didn't register
that highly in my mind.

Guess since my mind's always partyin'
very hard to register any Time.

I just run to the beat of the clocks
or I run to the beat of the casiotone
or I run to the beat of Andromeda dancing with the Milky Way.

Or I run to the beat of nothing so cosmic,
I just run to anyone's daily panic.
Like I'm some kind of Superman,
except just in the mind.

Gotta cough really special some time in the future now,
better than all the other trite.
Heh, I'd love if that becomes my constant mantra
when I finally lose my mind.

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