Saturday, July 23, 2011

inspired by a poem that was inspired by ween

so offline sky is totally dark,
no worries, just plug in the stars.
stars are in the cartridge you kept safe

what are we waiting for? let's put in the tape.

all i watch on netflix anymore is the universe
when they finally bring my hearse, let the lid
have an interior panel from the nice guys
at the planetariums i always go by.

coffin has a coffee-stand and a bed and a chair.
string looming from the roof that i can pull in case they need to know i'm not really dead.
i connect online in my grave and then peer at a wall;

at somewhere behind there, someone poorer than me's bones.

Got to find out what the GF is doing
now that I'm dead, it's all open for her.
She can do anything. So I send her an email from a pseudonym,

complimenting her.
Saying she's awesome.
Everything I should have done

before I actually died.

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