Tuesday, August 24, 2010

old games and new games

there is an old game, called 'snake'.
users have to input faster than the competing user.
if you don't have a competitor,
the computer can assume the role.

while speed is the primary goal,
it will be found that cunning is deep,
brilliance is underhand, always working
these scenegraphs, these ... these graphics.

say you are a mother.
when you play the game,
you will not even hear
the baby crying.

say you are a father.
you will be entrapped in various ways
till this support system you've been building
begins to build on you.

say you're goldilocks or little red riding hood.
or jack and the beanstalk, or the Frog.
the porridge will be just right --
when you enter the vehicle, (after it Soberizes you)

you will already know how to drive it.

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