Sunday, August 1, 2010

Can you modify the Facebook so that the link where it says 'Friends' says 'Seinfeld' instead?

Anybody can be a huge comedian.

(08:24:10 AM) SweetTooth: the first time i was called a chode was when I was ... 15
(08:24:52 AM) riverfr0zen: yeah, cos that's how long it took you to grow a taint
(08:25:38 AM) SweetTooth: you should be a comedian
(08:25:40 AM) SweetTooth: so funny
(08:25:41 AM) SweetTooth: u are
(08:25:59 AM) riverfr0zen: i am. i'm a sit-down internet comedian
(08:26:38 AM) SweetTooth: you should do a sit down internet comedian tv show
(08:26:59 AM) riverfr0zen: i thought of a stand-up routine when you go on stage. you are about to start your jokes, then you get a call on your cellphone.
(08:27:25 AM) riverfr0zen: for the next minute or so, you do various body movements while speaking on the phone, totally ignoring the audience
(08:27:42 AM) SweetTooth: lol
(08:27:44 AM) SweetTooth: thats great
(08:28:15 AM) riverfr0zen: then you finally end, acting like you've got very angry, and you slam the phone to the ground, screaming "Well, fuck youuuu, Mom!"
(08:28:26 AM) SweetTooth: hahaahhaha
(08:28:38 AM) SweetTooth: dude, u gotta find a way to get on stage n do that
(08:30:06 AM) riverfr0zen: there's a gotham comedy club across the street from me
(08:30:37 AM) riverfr0zen: but perhaps it is something i'd want to practice at an upright citizens brigade first.
(08:32:02 AM) SweetTooth: possibly a good iea, but this might be somethig best done once
(08:32:46 AM) riverfr0zen: yes, yes. or at least to audiences you are sure have never seen it before. it couldn't be funny twice. unless you have all new body movements, perhaps.
(08:33:20 AM) SweetTooth: well, i can see it as something * u would get bored with *
(08:33:25 AM) SweetTooth: i dono thou
(08:34:17 AM) riverfr0zen: it would get boring fast. like -- if someone asked you to do it as a nationwide tour, you could end up at the end completely devoid of a soul
(08:34:36 AM) SweetTooth: yeah, i don't know how comedians do the same act every time
(08:34:42 AM) SweetTooth: gotta be a kille
(08:35:28 AM) SweetTooth: oh btw, It seems as though: vikram is set on implementing Buddypress again onto My Morning Story.. I told him I had issues with it, but he seems to be promising me i won't
(08:36:03 AM) riverfr0zen: who implemented it the first time, him or you?
(08:36:07 AM) SweetTooth: me
(08:36:11 AM) SweetTooth: and sorta u
(08:36:45 AM) SweetTooth: i think he will be customizing it, and I am under a different server company this time around as well .. so ... things should be different
(08:36:46 AM) riverfr0zen: me? what did i do with it?
(08:36:56 AM) SweetTooth: i think you helped me a lot with Wordpress MU
(08:37:01 AM) SweetTooth: there is no more wordpress MU
(08:37:35 AM) riverfr0zen: oh, right. yeah, but i didn't do much. just fixed some issues you pointed out and such. but if he is going to devote himself to it, it could work out
(08:38:11 AM) SweetTooth: well he is implmenting this stuff into his site as well. So it wshould be good. I don't even know if he is charging me this time around.) Th eproblem with that is, getting him to do anything for me though
(08:38:17 AM) SweetTooth: his sites
(08:38:34 AM) SweetTooth: are bluray players important?
(08:41:18 AM) riverfr0zen: if you want to play blu-ray media they sure are
(08:42:26 AM) SweetTooth: do u have a blu ray player
(08:42:45 AM) riverfr0zen: i have a ps3, which plays blu-ray
(08:43:13 AM) SweetTooth: then i'm confused
(08:43:19 AM) SweetTooth: why the fuck doesn't apple have BLU RAY yet
(08:44:46 AM) riverfr0zen: because apple products are limitedly upgradeable. like, with a PC, you could just get any blu-ray player off the shelf, and add it to your PC. but with apple you have to wait until steve jobs decides he wants to put it into his systems
(08:45:30 AM) SweetTooth: he wrote he doesn't want to do it
(08:46:15 AM) riverfr0zen: well, there you go
(08:46:42 AM) SweetTooth: i'm very stressed out, theres no blu-ray or hdmi, and i need a new fucking computer
(08:48:38 AM) riverfr0zen: i'm sure you have all the facts accurate

Thus it was born ... Comedian Hero. The next step in taking things from real life, right into your living room.

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