Sunday, August 15, 2010

free as a bert

lone and dry.
like to kill my mocking AI flies.
whatever happened to the ‘touch’ ?
always made me feel so free

as a puppet on strings.

puppet. made of wool. some wood perhaps,
even has some wings ‘n’ things
even has an aileron.

osama bin laden
equated with me, when we all know
i wanted it to be ernie, all the time.

well i’m free as a bird. now.
i like the way i can say certain things,
then just turn on my own words …

what a bastard! they decry.

what a total bastard that guy
and he’s not even dead yet.
deathwish cannot be granted.
‘not good enough to expire still,
you have years left to bore them with.’

life …^. is like a pair of dice.
you get to throw once or twice
depending on the scene.
then you gotta come clean …

preferably with a sanitary wipe.

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