Saturday, September 3, 2016

There is Absolutely No Reason to Feel Bad

I know it is a bold statement. And I am in high horses.
I can't fix everything for you, but know that when you hurt
I receive the tear (as in paper) in my eardrums.

I recognize that things aren't so optimal with you.
You sing these songs when things aren't great,
these beautiful things in my presence, sending

my brain scattering.

I think the best of life, in all its permutations.
Think. Actively. Not just contemplate but manifest
thought to light, and sound, inscription
There is absolutely No Reason to Feel bad

The cynics among you are already ganging up on me,
because your flesh is heating up due to this being Pompeii
in your imagination. (If you are reading this you're aren't in Pompeii)
brains just scattering all over the place

everyone must register and affirm existence.

seance end ;)

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