Thursday, October 15, 2015

"I'm sorry, I just don't give a shit about The Walking Dead right now"

This was simply uttered into the mist (that's right, the mist). No one had provoked it. Nobody had even been watching the television show at the time.

"Control yourself." The admonishing was gruff, and hidden beneath several layers of camel skins, and possibly buffalo. It was female, and the age of the voice was anywhere beyond 55 years.

And that was it. Just those two words. Just that phrase. Then nothing again. Mist.

Until George took issue, though. "This is a show you've been watching from the beginning," said George. It is easy to immediately think of a balding man who wears spectacles, and is probably in his mid 30s but could pass easily along into the 40s. It's easy to do that, especially as one grows older too, but one must, at some point in life, begin accepting visual data. This George was like that George, but he was wearing a red-haired wig. You know what I'm talking about--you've seen this wig in your recent life. It's a George, with fake red hair.

"Is it the ads?" asks George, again entirely unprovoked. "I mean, we *are* living in a society here, right? Nobody can get off just saying something stupid like that, and just get off free. There must be some discussion!"

Mist was turning bluer.

"It must be the ads," said George. "You're somewhere between generation X and Y, you know computers, you can write some cool scripts and you're using Linux. That's you. You've been a torrenter your whole life--"

Mist turned red.

"Shut the fuck up George! Not over the wireless please!"

Mist turned blue again.

We waited, then, several years. George now 80. "Don't be down on the show, you know, just cos of all the ads. We're living in a society here, products must be sold, food must go into mouths."

Mist turned red. And a voice came.

"No, not at the expense of my mind. I refuse to have my psyche imprinted upon like that."

We waited several more years. But the mist remained red.

Twelve years after that, George was getting wiser. "Let's talk implementation," he said.

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