Friday, September 18, 2015

computer's close friend also wants to play, and is suffering a human collapse

"Sometimes, I've noticed, that I inject the sum of my experience upon others," he said, and was shivering with only one item of shorts and a pair of sunglasses, and at least fifteen hairs. 

"Will you imminently collapse?" 

"I'm inputting to you!" he said, angrily. "My soul!" 

"I suggest you maintain a calibration of bodily function: try to breathe deeply and also, consider women that you have enjoyed interacting with." 

"I've...I mean I want her to know," stammered the Commander of command line interface. 

"--what is also an option," joked the computer. "By the way, there's no need to make it just 1 woman. I know about javascript arrays []." 

"there's just one girl," said the programmer miserably. 

"you may start encountering menstrual cycle in twenty seconds." 

"that's too creepy!" she wrote over the message system. 

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