Saturday, August 1, 2015

Your roarer rohoribbile persona 4, anDe you don't *deserve* two detective


Yoo steal my best intro music fo free!
Make my rest of the show seem really weak.
Some lame circumstances, some untweaked conditions.
Comcast + HBO + ur Time Warner libidos


will come to hunt you. With their computer networks.
The illusion of service versus their illusions of the Internet.
When you have to walk over, and ask your neighbor
to switch off her washing machine's incessant request

for detergent.

"Your damn weekly exercise in sanitation is competing with my game fluency, man!"

Neighour mind. Neighbor minds. Neighbour, neighbor--nay--

N A.



Just...sickened by this concept of pushing to indicate you're out of vindaloo in the bathroom.

You don't deserve two detectives. You deserve three whole ones. Maybe a more open and less anal network of detectives.

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