Saturday, April 25, 2015

tobi decides to return

tobi is a chinese spy sent to the united states in order to alleviate the local's misunderstandings about china, and chinese domestic affairs. But where is teep? Surely we won't get shot to shit.


Return of Tobi:

"I told you that you can return whenever you please," was the instruction.

"Whenever I *fucking* please," was the countermand.

"Don't mess with my schedule."

They all laughed. "Schedule?"


Tobi considered quietly. Then he declared: "Yo you heard of RRules?"


There was a long gap. Then someone sent: "I hope you're not fucking around with RRules."

"Times recur, sometimes," said Tobi. "I'm still wrapping my head around it."

"Tobi. tobi Tobi t0bi."


"Motherfucking tobi."


"It is time."

The bullets came from Nowhere, which is also a place considered. Tobi was saved by someone who prefers not to be noticed.

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