Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year. Then suddenly, all of the pens in the universe were discarded.

A man was playing Grand Theft Auto #5 (the fifth of one of these), and he had a mission to drive a bike somewhere to safety.

His motorcyle was like a pen, peeing while driving along all those roads, and it was discarded in the middle of his mission.

The man was left to stare into his joypad.

Meanwhile, others were getting out of their secluded areas and their bounties of alcohol.

"I need to sign a check, dammit" somebody's voice could be heard. "But I don't have my pen!"

In a rural area, where mountains may have been sketched, pens were removed from those who appreciated the mountains. They simply became tofu, and the people assigned to them simply ate them before realizing they had just eaten their last pens.

Then suddenly, only biros returned to their world.

A lot of people complained, but there was no place or person to complain to or at. Many of them had to learn how to deal with biros.

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