Friday, December 19, 2014

bodily fatigue, and how good train systems can avoid it. originally titled: "you inability to cope with my awesomeness"

The train attempted its arrival at the subway stop.

We both stood well apart from the platform, none too eager to find out exact moments of the train's arrival against the curvature of its tunnel.

A lot of people were looking. They were wondering why the train was not yet there, or why it wasn't opening its doors to let them in yet, so that they could finally go home.

All they wanted to do was finally go home.

So they looked into the curvey tunnel, and that was the best way for them to spend their time. Leaning against the curve of the tunnel.


There are stories about how the MTA steals money from metrocards over swipes. One minute you have $38.50, next minute you are asked to swipe again. Now you have $17.24.

Seriously, people should pay more attention to that.


There is some boring ass shit plastered all over the train stations by some commercial interests, I think. And there is some equally boring ass shit graffiti. There's tired ideas like "omg wake up", or "u don't kno whats happening".

"Supernatural" posters get their eyes colored in.

The F train arrives. The doors open. Suddenly, I am flung into the train by an invisible handle!

There, I get pushed into paying more than I should for my train ride.

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