Saturday, August 3, 2013

What else might I spend 1 h 24 m doing?

What the people who flaunt sleep at me are unaware of
is that I just woke up from a 100 year doze.

That's right, what had been going on was all those
crazy European internal wars, and I had placed a bet

that Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir of Austro-Hungaria
would get himself murdered and trigger a type war
of the *whole* world (not really the *whole* world).

At least, that was my bet. That is my projection from reading the news that we get in India these days.

Every day, in some hidden alcove,
I tend to watch as a positioned sahib or a nawab receives 'the news',
which is typed carefully by typewriter from Morse code and Mayan glyphs
transmitted over the telegraph.

It tells of all the things going on in the World out there.
Which royals are doing what,
the sluggish progress of post-industrialization aftermath.
The disappointment that the 'New World' is for all of us.

And I get so depressed and bored and fall into a deep, arithmetic sleep sung by math of silvery flutes


Wait. It's not arithmetic sleep. It's from arrhythmiatic sleep,

induced sweetly by venom of one of the local snakes
that enjoys simply slipping into bed with us
whenever or wherever it's cool.

I wake up and it's 2013 and in New York (100 years later),
looking out of an apartment with huge windows over the skyline.
You can tell it's 2013 because they make a pattern in the clouds for you:
"2013 NEW YORK", and I believe everything that I read.

I'm wearing courtesan clothes from 1913 Bombay. and wonder if it's okay to go outside wearing these.

* Author's note: It should be plainly obvious that it probably took less than 15 minutes to spend the time boasted in the title.

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