Sunday, December 19, 2010

Slow Dispersion of Madness

New to the 'shock cinema' industry, director Roman Polanski is making a film all about the recently escaped Charles Manshion.

Try hard as I may, I cannot say that name without adding a Sean Connery special effect plugin.

Also, rubber comes from trees, a long-known, yet persistent form of slavery. 'Rubber-tappers', as they are usually called, can be killed instantly if they do not conform to the order of the chief of that village.

Try and pull that apart next time you feel bendy.

I also want to communicate on the horrors that recently transpired. You know what I'm talking about.

If what you all wanted when you started to read this piece was just cool verbiage,

Witness the small and the large in some conjuncture
future will not threaten to kill.
Slow and enjoyable furniture
I think, therefore I am.

Where's the small way to go through?
Why's it always have to be on this scale?
Can't it be little and unassuming?
Like what flowers say are their names?

Slow dispersion of madness is a new technique
I'm employing to avoid future embarrassment.
If you do wake up tomorrow morning,
make sure you drive the car that is sleek.

like a dot, given euclid.
like a triangle, if pythagoras.
after that you're on your own, Google.
i'm just saying this from a place that i know well.

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