Friday, December 24, 2010

Feet in the Grave (with Richard Wilson!)

From time to time I will publish 'chats' that occur between myself and people on the internet at 3:59 AM. It's just one other guy, but I always replace his name so that he will never ever be famous. In the following transcript, I have changed his name to 'Locksley'. I am 'runningveindeep'.

(03:59:35 AM) Locksley: sup cracaka
(04:00:18 AM) runningveindeep: sup krakatoa
(04:00:45 AM) Locksley: started watching the robin hood series
(04:01:00 AM) Locksley: its pretty good
(04:01:07 AM) runningveindeep: it is a bitch that they stopped it
(04:01:19 AM) Locksley: did they finish it first?
(04:01:26 AM) runningveindeep: i kind of liked it. also, if you're watching that, you should watch 'Merlin'
(04:01:33 AM) Locksley: yeah, i was thinking of merlin
(04:01:38 AM) runningveindeep: they didn't finish it properly
(04:01:41 AM) Locksley: u serious
(04:01:45 AM) Locksley: they didn't do it properly
(04:01:46 AM) Locksley: wtf
(04:01:58 AM) Locksley: it looks like they can finish it at any time
(04:02:02 AM) runningveindeep: i'm sorry to be the one to convey this news
(04:02:20 AM) Locksley: why the hell am i even watching it then
(04:02:24 AM) runningveindeep: you're talking about the recent brit robin hood show, right?
(04:02:31 AM) Locksley: yes
(04:02:42 AM) Locksley: i'm in season 1
(04:02:48 AM) runningveindeep: well, it's pretty good up till the end
(04:03:08 AM) runningveindeep: by end i mean season 3 (or 2, i don't remember)
(04:03:15 AM) Locksley: robin marrys mary madelin, the bad people die though right
(04:03:26 AM) Locksley: there is 3 seasons 12 episodes in the 3rd season.
(04:04:02 AM) runningveindeep: yeah, i don't think it quite ends that way. i may be wrong. perhaps i should watch the last season again
(04:04:20 AM) Locksley: or the last episoe
(04:04:28 AM) Locksley: see some chick i know, was talking about how much she liked it
(04:04:31 AM) Locksley: so i starte watching it
(04:04:43 AM) runningveindeep: what i like about merlin is that they have this old guy from this show i used to watch as a kid 'one foot in the grave'
(04:04:48 AM) runningveindeep: Richard Wilson
(04:05:15 AM) runningveindeep: he's a right old welsh get
(04:05:25 AM) Locksley: i'm supposedly part welsh
(04:05:34 AM) runningveindeep: i know, sorry
(04:05:38 AM) Locksley: Italian, slovakian, welsh, something else
(04:05:47 AM) Locksley: sorry
(04:05:48 AM) Locksley: lol
(04:06:17 AM) runningveindeep: well, the welsh accent is highly amusing (and can be very sexy if said by girls)
(04:06:47 AM) Locksley: i tend to make fun of english chick accents on accident
(04:07:06 AM) Locksley: it happens when they are conversating w/ me. I automatically start talking like them and not even knowin it.
(04:07:08 AM) runningveindeep: it's not the same as english accents. this is the welsh accent we are talking about
(04:07:29 AM) Locksley: i'm not really sure of it, nor the difference
(04:07:41 AM) Locksley: do the welsh have their own tv shows
(04:08:01 AM) runningveindeep: i think they do, but they are all syndicated into the main BBC system
(04:08:10 AM) Locksley: agh
(04:08:16 AM) Locksley: i still am upset about this robin hood news
(04:08:22 AM) runningveindeep: i've never heard of a welsh satellite channel
(04:08:22 AM) Locksley: as i particularly like the show
(04:08:34 AM) Locksley: do u ever watch comedies
(04:08:54 AM) runningveindeep: just keep watching it. the way i'm saying it probably doesn't translate well
(04:09:13 AM) runningveindeep: i only watch very funny comedies
(04:09:20 AM) Locksley: well, I hope theres an extra episoe that u never seen that ties it together bettr
(04:09:29 AM) Locksley: theres a enw comedy called *Glory Daze*
(04:09:31 AM) Locksley: pretty good
(04:09:59 AM) runningveindeep: it sounds like if you wanted to give some girl some rohypnol or something
(04:10:29 AM) Locksley: well its a mix of ICU Old school and American Pie
(04:10:39 AM) Locksley: mainly reminds me of ICU to be honest thou
(04:10:44 AM) runningveindeep: is it something like 'Community'?
(04:10:58 AM) Locksley: never heard of that one
(04:11:11 AM) Locksley: 4 guys in a frat, freshmen
(04:11:41 AM) runningveindeep: that's the basis of glory days? have you seen bob saget's new show? it's on hulu.
(04:11:53 AM) Locksley: lol i'm sure thats probably ppretty good
(04:11:55 AM) Locksley: wats that about
(04:12:30 AM) runningveindeep: episode 3 is about joining a frat
(04:12:39 AM) Locksley: sagat is like 60 lol
(04:12:55 AM) runningveindeep:
(04:13:29 AM) runningveindeep: well, i've never really been inclined to join one of those. the whole 'fraternity' thing kinda gives me shudders
(04:13:47 AM) Locksley: agreed
(04:14:05 AM) Locksley: picking up chicks is more fun when you have to work for it
(04:14:11 AM) Locksley: frats just bring the girls right in
(04:14:35 AM) runningveindeep: you have to create a 'system' or something
(04:14:58 AM) Locksley: i was trying to remember all my exes tonight, was going to look em up on facebook.
(04:15:02 AM) Locksley: I can't rmeember them thou
(04:15:06 AM) Locksley: not even their names
(04:15:25 AM) runningveindeep: i remember their names, but not reasons to look them up on facebook
(04:15:39 AM) Locksley: lol see what they look like, if they r married, etc
(04:15:49 AM) runningveindeep: what's the point of looking them up on facebook?
(04:16:03 AM) Locksley: just to check see if they are alive n ok
(04:16:04 AM) Locksley: kinda thing
(04:16:17 AM) runningveindeep: that will only lead to some bad stuff
(04:16:43 AM) runningveindeep: like you make an animated gif of their stupid new boyfriend's face, and then make that your profile picture
(04:17:10 AM) Locksley: that would be funny as hell
(04:17:18 AM) Locksley: i don't know how to make animated gifs
(04:17:21 AM) Locksley: sunds like a lot of work
(04:17:38 AM) runningveindeep: ask your bro that does the computer stuff
(04:18:18 AM) runningveindeep: anyway, my point is, that is like a total void
(04:19:01 AM) runningveindeep: you just need to do more better things for yourself.
(04:19:25 AM) runningveindeep: like sign up for the next lunar eclipse, before it disappears from your hands
(04:20:59 AM) Locksley: my bro doesn't do computer stuff lol
(04:21:08 AM) Locksley: i know right
(04:21:10 AM) Locksley: wtf was that
(04:21:14 AM) Locksley: i stay up all god damn night evry day
(04:21:17 AM) Locksley: and i didn't even know about it
(04:21:41 AM) runningveindeep: maybe sign up for a newsletter on a page at or something?
(04:23:45 AM) Locksley: lol yeah, well its over for like the next 100 years or something
(04:23:46 AM) Locksley: right
(04:26:00 AM) runningveindeep: i'm getting bored of this conversation. let us talk tomorrow when you've found more things for me to examine.
(04:27:11 AM) Locksley: ur so gay

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