Friday, April 2, 2010

Wave I

open eyed iblis
lisps to the top
slip 'em the mop
for a portcullis chance,

does it slip or slant
this meshwork at glance?
is it worthy of an up-commance
or just another place to land?

sleight of the hand
is no trick of the word
unless you're the man for a
bloody deaf bird.

don't knock it.
"who who?" says Who.
i said don't knock it!
"or a lot rather bad, boo hoo!"
enough people call me enough,
now this census tries to ask more.
mandatory and required by law.
i want to see all the faces guv,

want to see all the faces of people that are looking at my info
at do some webcams. 24/7
for these peering men and women.

oh iblis this was just going to be another rant
about some chick who left five thousand years ago.  

iblis, don't spin it to
little lesbian she were?

you're the cunt by far, iblis, not past-participle

which makes me a very big, big dick.

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