Thursday, April 1, 2010

Conjunctivitis Man

Whole body exploded from Whole Foods,
scrambling in a curve to meet the curb. They didn't have it:
"Just stay away!" came the cry, "stay away from me!"

The Jamba Juicers tried consoling with chocolate banana
shake, but mere shaking would not contain his mad tremor:
this was a man with one boiled egg burning in his palm, trying

to find some bloody plate in his own masterful house!
"Rite-Aid!" he cried, "there's a bloody Rite-Aid down there!"
He ran down the hill as the crowd witnessed his trail.

His massive trail of ... pus, was it? Or blood, brother?
Or mere molten skin, just flourishing with glory from his face?
"I have conjunctivitis man!" he screamed, as he scampered down ...

"Watch the hell out or my eye is gonna bloody pop unto one of yours!"

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