Saturday, November 21, 2009

Insecure Person That Tries to Appear Secure

The person operates quite well, quite successfully.
Yet there is that constant nagging that it is an
insecure person trying to appear as though it is secure.

This often happens in common classrooms during an 'uprising'.
The class bully conducts an attack, and the Insecure Person,
finally full of whatever newfound cojones or wit it may have found
mounts an attack to prove its security.

Upshot is that the bully is discarded, and the Insecure Person
is promoted to a Corporal. He is given a badge, and a moustache,
and a skirt or kilt. If you are a girl, the moustache is just an option.
If you are neither then you will find it is nethers.

Then you are promoted to Captain.

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