Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Helping The World To Absorb Moisture

At My Company, people often ask what is it exactly that we do. No question mark there, since it is a statement. You add the question marks only when you are confused.

We try to help all the humans that are around us to see the splendor of the world that is around them. Not the sugar substitute, but *real* splendor. For example, imagine a lush tropical forest being shot at you from way back in time -- it's like that. Like a time-travel experience ensconced within a chi-energy fireball shooter, and your kids wonder who brought the baby along for a ride?

This is what My Company does. It is what we are good at, and it is what we will be doing even after your last great-grandchild has died. We like to show you what the coffin really looks like from inside. We like to detail the varnish. We like to spend extra on paupers, because paupers are funny people, almost clownish in their paupering little ways.

But most of all, we like to waste our time writing thrilling little bits like this -- oft-forgotten but never unremembered.

Thank you.

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