Friday, January 16, 2009

cosmic surgery

the Ridiculous is everywhere.

"With only the chanting of my hands and a nary flick of the end of my nose,
I can transform that penis on your forehead
into a third eye ..." he declared, mysteriously,


unto the employees of the 'common firm'.
Common firms are everywhere,
each of them branding themselves unique,
claiming they're part of some or other niche,

some 'newfound disruptive force'.

One of the employees,
who prided herself on her subversiveness,

"But what if it's a vagina? What if it's not a dick, on the forehead?"

The Ridiculous considered for a nanosecond, then supplied:
"Then you shall be the mouth on the forehead.
Bitching eternally and ethereally like the cunt does.

Ha ha ha."

"Don't gloat you sexist pig," said a new challenger, "what about me?"
It was wearing a deep velvet coat of azure,
stance defiant in this torrid flaming wind.
"You gonna put both a dick and a cunt on this forehead here?"

The Ridiculous laughed. "Oh no, oh no. You see ... the ear, is a very complicated apparatus ... evolving, over time ..."

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