Saturday, December 19, 2015

Modulators of Insanity: Pt. 1

It was as a child when I first began to realize that one lifetime may not be enough. This was a threatening feeling (especially as a child), and something that would take far longer to resolve (I would find) than is nominal.

It was...pretty Ridiculous. "Seriously dood, you don't need multiple lifetimes! Look around, empathize, you're set. You can attempt anyone else's life!"

I bought a very nice pen for myself. It used my own blood as fuel. That such a contraption may be exciting to someone out there amused me, and I put my expensive pen back in my bag, and pulled out my special wireless keyboard. Special wireless and ergonomic keyboard for writing effortlessly and without worry or stutter.

"You can attempt, of course. But you can't assume your attempts, and the things being attempted at, are the same thing."


"People, whatever."

The Ridiculous gave me a funny stare. Kinda stare that said "But you were just talking about empathy."

It discomforted me, and I had to open my bag and reach down to my blood pen. "You still there penny?"

"Are we inside of an aeroplane?" asked penny.

"No. We in a submarine."

"Christmas this year is not red, then."

"No. Submarines are blue."

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