Friday, June 5, 2015

Moving from Anti-Gravity Vehicle Simulations to Close Chats with You

"I'm flying over for a close chat," said the voice, which sounded a little bit like a mix between Tom Selleck and the KITT (Knight Industries Two Thousand) voicebox.

"You're calling me a voicebox? Now? I was a fully interactiv--"

KITT was turned off.

Only Tom Selleck remained. "I don't like that you have switched off your companion," said Tom. "In real life, you can't just switch people off just like that."

"Just don't fly so close to my vehicle," I said, tersely over the radio. "It's enough that I'm contemplating various geometry as I hurtle through space and time, I don't need your moustache to pose issues."

"There, we have finally connected," said Tom. "This might be a first, man. This might be the first time a person actually shifted from one cockpit and began knocking on the next."

"And what are you knocking with, the bones of your knuckles?"


"There's no way your skin will even survive these speeds. Let alone your oxygen helmet."

"I guess I'll just camp out here then, on your wing."

I looked at my controls and there weren't any more buttons to make it happen faster. There was only this slider that indicated the gradual increase of speed, and it was set at Maximum.

"Just make sure you do it according to safety regulations of making a fire on the wing. Don't want your lazy arse flinging me to oblivion," I told the guy.

Things began happening faster.

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