Friday, November 21, 2014

in an alternate reality i paint my fingernails black

because i believe the visuals drawn would be distinctive.
i have an eyeball named gozer from when i was a child
whom i've had about since not-gozer was scratched out.

many theories try to find my mind,
i direct them to my tongue and fork them up.
salty little tasties, every one,
all the mignon theories.

i wear neon blue shoelaces over brown dress shoes.
to meetings, with people, but nobody notices.
all they see, like little babies with undeveloped eyesight
is the nose.

noose! quietly they then gather around to hang me,
for being an entertainment type of man.
"Make sure he doesn't escape!" whispers a cowled leader.
"Moo!" I cry aloud, waking the neighbors, "Moo!"

The cowls run away, quietly,
leaving me to my own nooses and devices.
I start to name each black fingernail to give them voice,
see what they think of the noose.

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