Sunday, January 19, 2014

Close and Loving Turbo Love

Every now and then, a small bag likes to scamper.
Flips cross your feet in the loneliest pitter patter.
DOOM suddenly becomes chatter, crossed for nightly fleet

Declared rather than voiced by the lizard you'd rather meet.

. (lizard bullet style)

Coding up a few .wads now.
This must be everything I'm about.


"He went full turbo and collapsed into himself, saying that what he did was just full turbo love."


The screech of a car going out of control
in an environment where you need to be totally in control,
then the hands coming over your shoulders,

warm and hot coming

to secure you and your position, keep you safe and in calibration.


She unlocked the gears system and he immediately spun,
flew against a cliff and bounced into another cliff
(by this time 80 percent of his transport and 72% of his body had been destroyed)

and flew out into the river system, a few parts amiss.

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