Thursday, December 5, 2013

Small Pockets of Intimacy

They say you only have 99 coins
being appended to your eyelids.
That you need an extra coin,
on your tongue, to go the way.

She says you need to give her *everything*.

"Everything? I just showed you how to access my heart!"

"In your secure tunnel?"


"So I'm downloading putty, and accessing your secure location?"

"Yes? And?"

"I'm seeing how you think about women."


"Wait...did you go to the IP address I gave you? Version four."

"Ha, lest we be radical and introduce greater acceptance."

"I'm done fighting. You see my tunnel. You see the light I'm approaching."

"You care more about driving than being with me," she said.

"NO! I'm driving because I'm trying to reach you," he responded.

"So you're saying I'm not reachable?"


"There is a place," I assured her. "Just you, and me."

"Nobody else exists in this place?"

"No, it's just you, and me. And that is us."

"What do we do, just crash land here? Lower the landing gear a little too late?"

"The landing gear is lowered as soon as the flight pattern is established," he told her, "and the course is known."

"Sounds like a bad plan."

"No, it's a *good* plane," he said. "A good plane with a very small pocket of intimacy."

"Brake. Apply Brakes."



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