Friday, September 13, 2013

riding through the slum

So this is just me trying to be funny while listening to 'Riders in the Storm' by the Doors, and sort of just being a little funny with all of it. Sorry to anybody who is Hardcore into Doors (though most of you will die sooner than me), but it was just being funny.

And me just trying to see how well I can do the 'rhyming'. Let me know when I failed.

Thank you.

I also advise you to listen to the song while reading the lyrics, in order to be able to criticize in a complete manner. Thank you again.

Riding through the slum x 2

Into this house we're grown
in two, our second loans,

like a pendulum that's swung
by Edgar Allen Poe,

yeah, still riders in a slum x 1

There's a killer on the loam.
His brain is squealing about a Toad.
Take a long holiday...
Forget your past girlfriend...
If she gives your lamb a ride,
you'll be accused of homicide as
The Killer on The Road...(yeah)

Grrl, you gotta love your mags.
Grrl, you gotta love your mags.
Take him by your sniper stand,

Headshot was your second guess,
all life will never end.

He's gotta understand ;)

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