Saturday, July 20, 2013

The Shutdown Process

. Lands plane from 4500ft @ initial IAS 180. Flaps came in useful, as did rudder
. Tickles the trigger of a gun without fully pulling it
. Adds personal DVD commentary to all films, downloadable publicly
. Writes best song, melody and rhythm
. Finishes every game started
. Finally writes that writing software that was in head cultivation about for 10 years
. . Dismantles the bomb
. . Goes on comedy club stage and eats bad food while watching patrons
. . Achieves real world peace
. . Legs go out while waiting for coffee at Starbucks. Collapses without latte in hand
. . Most bodily functions cease. Little finger on left hand still itches. (forever fr0zen)
. . Begins to actually listen

. . . Dies claiming caveat

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  1. Wow, the disambiguation of IAS is amazing. Of course, here we are talking about indicated airspeed.

    Link to amazing disambiguation is here:

    Yes. Comments somehow bolder than actual piece.