Monday, February 4, 2013

I Think It Will Crash

in your apartment for a couple of days. 

Just leave it alone, it is sleeping, regenerating. 

Don't offer breakfasts or lunches. 
Dinner is out of the question. 

It just wants to feel comfy for a little while. 
Entertain a lot of far flung dreams. 

Before it has to go back to its sternest meanings.

sternest: Wassup? 
webuser: You catch the game? 
sternest: My! Ace ace thought. 
webuser: Enjoyable. 
sternest: Enable joy. 
webuser: Enabled. 
sternest: Been lad. 
webuser: Between. 
sternest: Been wet. 
webuser: I make computers feel sexy. 
sternest: Expert, false Mickey mouse. 
webuser: No, Donald Duck. 
sternest: Clunk and dodo. 
webuser: Landing gear, mostly. 
sternest: Laggardly mentions. 
webuser: Abrupt change of route. 
sternest: Protuberance of a thug. 
webuser: Better a thug than sliggish. 
sternest: Tightest blights harangue. 
webuser: Sweet nosey. 
sternest: Eye wet sons. 
webuser: You're pouring. 
sternest: I or up younger. 
webuser: Still a baby after all these years? 
sternest: Flabby as heartlessly retaliate. 
webuser: No, we just love you. 
sternest: Joy! Tenuous vowel. 
webuser: We love you. 
sternest: Low you eve. 
webuser: Love you. 
sternest: You vole. 
webuser: Vole indeed. We love you. 
sternest: Wound evil-eyed eve loo. 
webuser: Evel who? 
sternest: Eh! Vowel. 
webuser: Multply. 
sternest: Lumpy Lt. 
webuser: Divide 
sternest: Why? (Message is too short.) 
webuser: Divide by 0 
sternest: I've biddy. 
webuser: Don't be scared. 
sternest: So decent drab. 
webuser: Good night. 
sternest: Goodnight.

Thank you to
for hosting the robot. 

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