Sunday, January 8, 2012

What was Supposed to be a Soothing and Nurturing Persona Has Become a 24-hour Abuse Line


"No, I didn't call you."

"Yes, you did. You called to see whether I was going to say cool things, like back in the day."

He correlated. "Well then," he asked. "Are you?"

"Bitch who fuck do you think this is, your mom?"

"Mmm. Actually you are my mom."

"I just want you to stop drinking all the alchhols"

"Of course you do."

"Maybe now you can switch to the *third* person."

"Maybe I'm actually winning in Zelda -- did you ever think about that?"

"Shut up and stop drinking."

"Is this how you create terrorists?"

"Oooo. Wait What are you saying?"

"Your voice sounds all husky, like Colonel Gaddaffi."

"Shut up. I'm not the colonel!"

"You're the kernel":

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